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The Dos and Don’ts of D.I.Y.

Article Published: 19th July 2021

That Pinterest kitchen and bathroom caught your eye? Well, it's July and we’re all stuck at home. So, get out that old toolbox because it’s the perfect time to take on some DIY.

Whether you're a first-time homeowner or an experienced carpenter, now is a great time to improve your home and keep busy with a DIY project.

Before you start though, make sure you understand the basic dos and don'ts of DIY! Whether you’re building a shelf from leftover melamine or overhauling the kitchen, there is a basic checklist to follow to make sure your DIY looks professional and lasts for years to come.

Do: Plan

DIY is a big investment of time and effort, so make sure you have done your homework. If you're overhauling a room, what are you keeping and what's being replaced? Consider your colour scheme and make selections that compliment what you have already.

Plan your space too. If you plan to DIY a king-size bed base from pallets, make sure it fits in the intended spot. Building a new vanity? Make sure it's not too low for the gorgeous stool you already have.

Plan your budget. Know what you are to spend before you start shopping, and do a high-level budget to begin with. Even if the costs aren't exact, you'll get a good idea of what you can afford before you run out of budget halfway through. Don't forget that on our website, you can add the products you like to an online quote list, and we'll do the costing for you!

Plan your timing. If you're repainting a room, make sure to allocate enough time to paint, but also to let it dry before you're in a hurry to carry on. If you're going to be displaced from a room of your home, try to plan the DIYs so that they cause minimal disruption in your day.

Don't: Cheap out

Remember, there is a big difference between affordable, and cheap. If your budget is tight, choose affordable products that still give you a quality finish and a long-life span. There are plenty of cheap options on the market, but they cost you more money in the long term, because before you know it, you have to replace the hard work you have done more quickly than you should. Chat to one of our in-store experts for advice on what products to use in the more demanding areas, such as the kitchen and bathrooms

Do: Measure twice, cut once

DIY is all about preparation. A clean, organised space sets you up for success in your project and taking the extra time to measure once, cut twice, is always worth it. "If your preparation is done correctly, that's 70% of the job done." says (please advise who we can attribute the quote to, a BM, product manager, etc) It's a costly mistake to realise that your measurements were slightly off, and now you have a skew cupboard or a draw that doesn't close.

Do: Seek professional help

DIY doesn't mean you can't get help from a professional. Remember, it's always best to call in a professional for anything you can't do on your own, and always necessary when working with electricity or plumbing. DIY can be a team effort, managing the parts you are comfortable doing on your own with support from an industry expert. You might learn some tricks of the trade and often they'll bring ideas that elevate your project too.

It's also a good idea when doing a serious overhaul to get an expert in to assess the room before beginning. This could save you thousands. With a trained eye, they might pick up underlying issues like damp, mold or structural damage.

Don't: Throw out receipts

Mistakes happen, or you may change your mind about a handle or paint colour halfway through. Keep your receipts so that you have the flexibility to change your mind or exchange the wrong accessory if necessary. Receipts and invoices are also great if you need to buy more of a certain item - to make sure you get the exact same item again.

Do: Celebrate the process

DIY is challenging but so worth the end goal. Don't forget to celebrate (and document) each step. Take photos throughout the process - you'll want some before and afters to post to social media, share with family and friends, and look back over at how much you have achieved. When you are finally done with your project, make sure to step back, breathe in and be proud of yourself. We know we are. We’d love to see your DIYs and inspiration. Why not post some before and afters on our Facebook page here and brag about what you've done.

If you haven't started yet, we have some inspiration to get the creative juices flowing. Our team is always available for any advice you need, and our wide range of local and international products are guaranteed to get you even more excited. Check out our range!