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Sonae PG Bison

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere gratitude to Farzana.  I would have never imagined for a DIY project to have went so smoothly. Farzana has handled the entire situation at a World Class Service level . The ENTIRE application process, constant feedback with a speedy response was greatly appreciated . There was not a moment where I had to do  FOLLOW UP OR EVEN BEG for feedback which is the norm in in our current economic times. The values of excellence, integrity, respect and accountability, have left an incredible impression of what Plaza Board stands for and have created an ambassador of the brand in me as well.  Thank you

- Jitesh (PBC Lenasia)

Good customer service from the manager, Angie even though she overcharged me, but thanks to the cashier for double checking the order and for her honesty. I still can’t believe there are people who are so honest to say sorry we overcharged you and rectified the mistake without any hustle, I was left very impressed. Thanks PBC Alberton!!!

- Murunwa Matsoso (PBC Alberton)

We are often quick to criticize but slow when it comes to complementing. Just wanna take the time out to thank Aadil and Mpho for being very accommodating and understanding and for the excellent advice as well. Customer service is a rarity in SA but is something you guys excel in. Thank you!!!

- Anonymous (PBC Lenasia)

Hi I am not in the habit of expressing my congratulations in writing but today I have to say it. A special thanks to Angie from the Alberton branch for making sure we could deliver a promise to our client by helping me out within an hour cutting 4 sheets. I couldn’t believe when she told me that they would be able to assist and thanks to the whole team I had my boards by 3pm after sending the cutting list at 1:45pm. THANK YOU NAZEER AND ANGIE You guys made my day!! Kindest Regards Liezel du Preez

- Liezel du Preez (PBC Alberton)

Thank you, today’s service is commendable, as a customer this is what we are looking for. Hope PBC maintains today’s standard of service if it does it will go from strength to strength. Regards Deloshnie

- Deloshnie (General)

Your service is wonderful and excellent. On time delivery and very very dedicated staff like Ebrahim Tambala. Headed by a jovial manager who is always moving about to ensure customers are not delayed beyond time frame. Keep it up guys. I am more than satisfied.

- 4rthman International (PBC Alberton)