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The benefits of having an open plan kitchen

Article Published: 15th December 2020
The benefits of having an open plan kitchen

When it comes to interior design, most trends move in and out of style, with some only seeing the spotlight for a single season, while others stand the test of time. One trend that has seen a rise in popularity in recent years and shows no sign of slowing down, is the open-plan kitchen. A far cry from the kitchens of old which were tucked out of the way and reserved solely for cooking, open-plan kitchens will transform your living space into a hub of activity and an integral feature of your home.

We‘re taking a look at some of the benefits of having an open-plan kitchen:

It opens up more space

One of the most appealing features of an open-plan kitchen is that it opens up more space in your home, creating a larger, multipurpose living area. In smaller homes, an open-plan kitchen can also give the illusion of having more space. Removing walls and other room dividers will open up the area, making your kitchen, dining room and living room appear bigger as two or more rooms meld together to create a single, large and cohesive living area.

It allows in more natural light

One of the biggest advantages of having an open-plan kitchen in your home is that having one large cohesive living area, rather than separate rooms and walls, will create a wider, open space that in turn will increase the amount of natural light in your home. Homes with lots of different rooms often experience a reduced or limited amount of natural light. However, when you have an open-plan kitchen, walls are no longer a factor which will, in turn, increase the amount of natural light, creating a lighter, more breathable area.

There‘s better flow between spaces

Without walls to block off and create separate rooms, your kitchen, living room and perhaps even dining room will come together to create a large living space that will be the focal point of your home. This large living space will have better flow between the different areas that make up the open-plan room, creating a cohesive space that allows for easy movement and socialisation.

It becomes a multifunctional space

Kitchens, by definition, are already multifunctional spaces as they can be used for cooking, cleaning and eating; however, by choosing to have an open-plan kitchen in your home, you‘re opening a whole new can of worms as you create a space that is truly multifunctional – from preparing, serving and eating food, to entertaining, having conversations, playing games, watching TV while you multitask or just hang out.

It becomes the social hub of the home

While the kitchen is always a hive of activity, having an open-plan kitchen, which flows into your living or dining area, will automatically create a de-facto social hub in the home, that people are automatically drawn to and where conversation flows. The open-plan setup enables you to be able to continue interacting with your family or guests even while preparing food, which is especially great when hosting people as you can cook, serve food and clean while still being able to entertain and chat to your guests.

These days as more and more focus is put on creating spaces in homes that encourage a seamless and social living experience, we will continue to see open-plan interiors, especially open-plan kitchens, continue to rise in popularity.