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Aligning Trends – Pantone Institute unveils 2022 Colours of the year

Article Published: 15th February 2022

Bright, saturated, and vibrant hues are what represent the 2022 colour palette and are most likely what you will expect to see from trending interior design experts. This year, the Pantone institute surprised us with their dual pick of two colours to represent the spring/summer look and feel of 2021.

Those were Illuminating Yellow (Pantone 13-0647) and Ultimate Grey (Pantone 17-5104).

Today, they’ve taken the colour swatch a step further and have unveiled ten finalists that they believe will take the essence of modern style to a completely new level. The stylistic direction of 2022 is meant to inspire playful, lighthearted, and exuberant creativity in order to match the spontaneity and expression of a full and carefree life.

These colours were chosen to inject purpose and vigour back into a world still recovering from a global pandemic. Many of us have had to put our lives on hold in order to keep ourselves and others out of harm’s reach. As such, the need to reconnect with one another through the fusing of our affinity to both nature and the need for comfort and familiarity is best illustrated through airy pastels with striking visual aesthetics.

The chosen Pantones of 2022 

According to expert interior designer Leatrice Eiseman of the Pantone Institute, the use of colour is connected to the cultural zeitgeist. As we break through the past few years and look to a brighter future, we are also seeking opportunities to do something new and fresh. 

“Colours that celebrate our desire to break the boundaries satisfy our fervent need for the playful creativity and the visual expression that we seek entering into the new year,” Eiseman explains. 

That said, the spring colour palettes for 2022 are as follows:

  • Pantone 14-5713 Cascade: a refreshing and clean shade of blue.
  • Pantone 16-1349 Coral Rose: an energising and exciting floral.
  • Pantone 18-4143 Super Sonic: an intense and electrifying blue
  • Pantone 12-0825 Popcorn: a bright and cheery yellow.
  • Pantone 13-2004 Potpourri: an airy and fresh pink.
  • Pantone 17-1928 Bubblegum: a deep and playful pink.
  • Pantone 18-1160 Sudan Brown: a natural and earthen inspired brown.
  • Pantone 15-0549 Fragile Sprout: a sharp, acidic, and luminous yellow.
  • Pantone 14-3612 Orchid Bloom: a natural and heightened floral.
  • Pantone 18-1307 Coffee Quartz: a flavourful and glamourous brown.

These exciting hues represent the direction in which the Pantone Institute expects to see in both interior design and fashion runway trends for the foreseeable future. When it comes to stylistic home interior options and when combined with sleek Woodgrains and Unicolours, some of these shades will make an excellent addition to your overall style.

In particular, decorative panelling and modern bespoke cabinetry can make excellent use of similar colour hues of Cascade, Popcorn, Coffee Quarts, and Sudan Brown.

Matching 2022 Pantones with Innovus Decorative Products

Sonae Arauco’s flagship brand, Innovus Decorative Products, has seen constant growth throughout the year with the unveiling of modern décor designed with the concept of matching life in mind. A similar idea is instilled in the colours chosen by the Pantone Institute where Celebrating Life and Matching Life become a singular goal.

This is how Innovus’ range of décor continues to align with global trends while still keeping in touch with local flair. décor are designed and chosen with meaning that goes deeper than the simple use of contrasting colours. As such, it’s no surprise that the Pantone Institute’s 2022 selection reverberates with our existing range of trend-setting products.


With the recent launch of the Spirit finish alongside five brand new enticing décor, the darker shades of the Pantone Institute’s chosen ten reflects exceptionally well with the look and feel of these Woodgrain décor. The essence of Coffee Quartz and Sudan Brown is uniquely captured within Aurora, Kingswood and Nevada. 

Express these colours within a modern kitchen or dining room by combining either of these three with a lighter Unicolour décor such as Castle Grey or Pure white.

For a brighter expression that leans into the concept of celebrating life, the use of Innovus’ classic woodgrain  Memphis Cherry, blends effortlessly with the floral hue of Coral Rose to ensure that bright and inviting spaces remain as such.


Speaking of timeless Unicolour décor, Shadow Blue and Cotton have been a staple of interior design trends for quite some time. That being said, it comes as no surprise that these two décors blend exceptionally well with Cascade and Popcorn.

Because of the unique differences between these tertiary pantones, the combination of both within a modern bathroom or bedroom is complemented by the stylish appeal of Shadow Blue and the warm, neutral, yet not too clinical look and feel of Cotton.